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The immigration of skilled workers requires more than just technical and process knowledge. Trusting and transparent communication, competence in the immigration of skilled workers and the support of employers and employees are decisive for our corporate strategy. Our goal is to ensure long-term cooperation and sustainable immigration of skilled workers.



3Experts GmbH is a service company that accompanies the immigration and
employment of international professionals and executives in the German labor
Germany is facing the challenge of a shortage of skilled workers across all industries.
Due to the retirement of the baby boomer generation and demographic change, this
trend will continue to intensify.
3Experts GmbH offers services with international partner agencies to facilitate the
targeted immigration of young people interested in training as well as specialists and
executives. From recruitment, language qualification, visa processing, and
professional recognition procedures to direct placement with future employers in
Germany, 3Experts accompanies the skilled worker and manager as well as the

With partner agencies abroad, we offer services to reduce the shortage of skilled workers. From recruitment, language qualification, visa processing and the professional recognition process to direct placement with future employers in Germany. We support immigrant professionals, managers and trainees in their social integration and assist employers with our expertise. 

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our services

We offer the following services through our expertise:

International recruitment of trainees, professionals, and executives.

Together with our international partner agencies, we recruit adolescents,
professionals and executives seeking vocational training for our clients on the
international labour market.

In a multi-stage application process from the initial approach to the immigration decision, we simultaneously advise and accompany the candidates and our clients.


Selection of suitable trainees, professionals, and executives.

Recognition procedure

We support candidates in fulfilling their professional recognition requirements and in dealing with issues relating to immigration law.




Together with our client, our partner agency and the candidate, we organise the immigration and accompany the primary settlement process (accommodation, administrative procedures).


Immigration process

Integration in Germany


Immigrant young trainees and specialists and executives receive – also in cooperation with the clients – intercultural counseling and a three-stage integration service in their social integration during the first six months.


3Experts supports you in the search for skilled workers and trainees from abroad. This includes all processes between the employee, the authorities and you as employer as well as the social integration of the immigrants.

We offer you many years of expertise in several areas. These include the immigration of skilled workers to Germany, their social integration as well as personnel disposition.


Our network extends to the international market. We also work with a large number of partner agencies, which gives us access to a large portfolio of human resources.


3Experts are experienced in the field of integration and migration in the areas of practice, politics and science. With us, you get competent contacts that go beyond mere mediation.